Cowtown Classic Rules

Cowtown Classic Rules

1.  Regular high school rules will be used, unless otherwise noted.

2.  All teams must have uniform shirts with visible numbers on them.

3.  In 5th & 6th grade divisions there will be no zone defenses.

4.  In 5th & 6th grade divisions there will be pressing only in the last two minutes of the game. A team cannot press if up by 10 or more points.

5.  Substitute on dead balls only.

6.  Overtimes will be 2 minutes with the clock stopping.

7.  Halftime will be 3 minutes.

8.  Players are disqualified after five fouls.

9.  Teams are allowed two time-outs per game, add 1 time-out per overtime period.

10. Each team must supply their own balls for warm-up.

11. No locker room facilities will be provided.

12. Alternate possession after the initial jump at the beginning of the game.

13. All divisions will be using junior sized basketballs (28.5") with the exception of 8th grade boys, they will use a full-sized men’s basketball.

14. Game time is forfeit time. You may start with four players.

15. 18 minute running halves. Clock stops on time outs. The clock also stops the last two minutes of each half on dead balls and free throws as long as the score is within 20 points.

16. Players must compete in their own grade classification, with the exception that players in a lower grade may participate in an older division. Players from different schools may play together on the same team. Players may play on one team only. Players must play within their own gender.

17. Players may be added to a team at any time as long as they follow all preceding guidelines.

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