Pioneer Club Looking for New Members

Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month

Dear Prospective Pioneer Booster Club Members:

The purpose of this letter is to try and stir up some interest and gain new members to what we are hoping is an improved Pioneer Club at Miles Community College. Over the past several years, we believe the Pioneer Club has lost a few key members due to different reasons as well as its motive. We would like to invite you to help us pick up the pace with this and make it a better situation for our student-athletes and coaches.

The Pioneer Club is looking for people that have an interest in the student-athletes and the athletic programs at MCC. We are trying to come up with some different fundraising options to help with scholarships and also various needs for each program that cannot be used in the school general budget. There have been many budget cuts at MCC and in turn the athletics has also taken some cuts. Hopefully by gathering some new members with some innovative fundraising ideas, we can keep MCC athletics at the standards that it has been at and give the student/athletes the best possible experience that we can.

The goals we have for the new and improved booster club are:
• Sponsor a basketball and baseball tournament each year.  These tournaments would bring quality teams in which would draw a bigger fan base to help churn up more business in the community.
• To host an annual big event each year to help raise dollars for Pioneer Athletics. 
• To host post-game socials throughout the year for both the basketball and baseball seasons.  These socials will give our parents and fans more of an opportunity to meet with the coaches and booster club members and to have more of a family atmosphere around our events.
• To make our games into more of an event that gives the community quality programs that are successful and people enjoy coming to watch.

We are going to ask for $50 a year for dues with part of that going directly into the Pioneer Club and the other part going to Pioneer clothing to be picked out by the member. Options may include pullovers, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, and polos. Our booster club members can then proudly wear to events and around the community to raise the interest level in our programs. By joining the Pioneer Club, we hope that you can attend some of the monthly meetings that will take place in the evenings and be active in advocating our programs while also coming up with creative ways to fundraise and support our student/athletes.

Interested people can contact any of the following people and we will make sure that you get in on the mailing and email lists for future events.   Also, if you know of others that may be interested, please forward this letter on to them as well.

Chase Tait – Head Men’s Basketball Coach – – 406/874-6213
Jeff Brabant – Head Baseball Coach – – 406/874-6169
Cathy Hanek – Head Women’s Basketball Coach – – 406/874-6170
Craig Rink – Head Golf Coach – – 406/874-6287
Ted Stein – Sports Information Director –  – 406/ 874-6286

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